He Restores My Soul


He restores my soul. There is so much in these four words.  What was penned so long ago as beautiful poetic praise to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has become so familiar and yet have we made it appear trite of cliche? Mere words to recite as a prayer to memorize, to teach in Sunday School?

I declare and decree that it is still a powerful prayer in the ears of the Lord, written by a future King and a man though he made stupid and severe mistakes like we all do, was God’s choice and He even calls Him a man after His own heart.

The Lord Jesus is my Shepherd, He will see to my wants. In other words, He doesn’t want me to lack in any way. He is my source for everything. He is the one who will make me lie down in pastures that are green. I don’t have to look for greener grass. It is a place of rest.

He will lead me beside still waters, they are not troubled and He doesn’t want me to be either, no swirl or ebbing or even flowing, quiet waters. He restores my soul. Everyday, my mind, will and emotions must be refreshed, renewed and restored, because there are so many enemies that would come at me. Because of His sacrifice and grace, I am restored, as often as I need to be by His Spirit. He does it for His name ‘s sake. God does it because of Jesus.

He leads me along the paths He chooses for me. They are righteous because He is, it is nothing I have done. Though my days are sometimes dark and there are lions waiting for me or wolves or other dangers from the wicked or disease, even if my  fertile green valley is shadowed by evil or death, I will not fear. My mind is part of my sou as is my will, I choose God’s shadow, for I have been in His Temple and seen the mercy seat.

Your rod and staff comfort me, for your rod is your Word. It cuts me to the quick if need be and I am quick to obey you not for fear of your staff or of being beaten, but because you love me. Your words will turn me back if I stray or am afraid. And your staff will turn my face back to you. You lead from in from in front of me and I am your lamb and I follow you.

Your preparing a feast for me even with enemies all around. I am forever loved and welcomed at the table yo set for my. My head is anointed with the oil of the Holy Spirit and enemies of thoughts may come and flee but they are unwelcome guests at your banquet. My cup runs over with the new wine of your Spirit. It refreshes, it is continuous and effervescent. You make my heart sing Lord and I am bursting with your joy.

Surely, it is for sure and certain that goodness and mercy follow me. They may be a couple of angels bearing those name but I know that they are the persona of Jesus Himself. I will dwell with Him forever, pastures, fields and valleys, all my time on earth and in heaven. I have Him and He is heaven on earth, so stay near to Him. Rebecca Jones

Please read Psalm 23 in different translations, it was not my intention to rewrite it but to expound on it.


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