Only Jesus Restores Souls


Have you ever know anyone who has had a really close call with their health, an auto accident or some other instance?  Have you ever known someone traumatized? In mourning over a loved one, husband or child?  Have you ever watched someone in an ICU   ( intensive care unit ) just battle for life, someone in a coma?

These people all have had something happen to their souls and I believe that is the mind, will and emotions.  Some people have had profound near death experiences and are not even able to speak of them. Some people see their lives flash before them, the what ifs? And the regrets.

Some things are too deep and personal to speak of, there are few people who will tell you of their glimpses of hell. Many have experienced a light. That is God, but the devil also masquerades as angel of light, so you must know Jesus as your Lord. He is the only name that will save you. He loves you and died for you. Going to church, trying to be good, doing something nice for someone, doesn’t count.

It is by grace that you are saved and you can’t boast about what you do. We are supposed to boast of Jesus and His wondrous love. He is the only one who can restore a soul. He can reach into a mind that is lost in depression, torment or fear, and restore it by His blood, the crown of thorns He wore that ripped into His forehead.

He can reach into a heart that is badly broken, abused, misunderstood and mistreated. He can take in His hands and hold it gently to His heart and by the spear that poured water and blood from His side, He can make make it strong instead of weak. He can make it tender instead of hard. He can heal it with His love. He can nestle it together with one who knows love as well. He created love. He created and instituted marriage between one man and woman…God is love.

He can restore broken bodies, He healed withered hands and limbs, made the blind to see. He opened deaf ears and that’s what I pray He does in the Spirit also, open spiritually blind eyes and ears that have waxed cold to His love, grace and mercy and miracles.

He is the restorer of broken vessels, souls and bodies. The enemy has no access to  born again spirit but he will bear down on God’s chosen people. Sometimes, our minds and hearts are overburdened. Is that you today, it’s me. I agree in prayer, Jesus, we receive, restore our souls.  Rebecca Jones


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