Only Jesus Rescues You!


Every have one of those day? Yeah, sure. Everyone has!  I have had some pretty busy ones and some that were kind of lazy when I wish I’d made better us of my time and stop trying to juggle and spin all my plates in the air do a water ballet and go up on the trapeze. Is your life up in the air. Only Jesus rescues you.

Nobody can do everything. And while I believe nothing is impossible with God, that’s not what He had in mind I’m sure.  I spent lots of time trying to learn how to use a computer. I never was a great typist. I kept trying to find some business I could start, some job I could get.

Even though I didn’t have the best education or much experience at anything. I had hopes and I wanted something that was mine, not just something I had worked hard for but something with a ring of truth about it that would not leave me exhausted and overworked but blessed and so I’d have energy that I had not seen since my twenties, but even then I juggled.

It was an early morning and a late night, I would often exercise for four hours a day, I didn’t have friends because I was not into a lot of the things other people were. I was a believer but I don’t think I was preachy. I simply told them, I couldn’t go when asked out to a bar.

Even though I exercised like a maniac, I could not walk long distances. I couldn’t do the amusement parks and rides but I did enjoy looking through antique shows and going to the mall. Most of the time I went with my mother, I never did like people running me like I was in a whirlwind.

I’ve always liked slow and easy, even then He called me by His grace. He was calling me to the rest of Hebrews 4. I like the quiet things I can be passionate about like writing or reading or studying God’s Word. I like lively but not over the top or outlandish. I never thought I’d see so much reality television that goes a long way to keep people from gaining intelligence from it, except perhaps, not trying it at home. I watch very little television, I can keep to myself and keep busy.

I’ve gone back to my first love, Jesus, He was helping me to heal when I was a young woman and a bit of a tortured soul, knowing what she wanted her life to be and missing it so badly.  He answered all my prayers at once it seems like. Only He can love you like no one else, only He sees and speaks the truth to you continuously. Only He can never disappoint you. Only He will never leave or forsake you. When you opt to live by faith some will abandon you, curse you, hate you for no reason, just like Jesus, but it puts you in good company.

Only Jesus can see the scattered puzzle pieces of our lives and put them together again. Only Jesus can take our shattered tears of sorrow and turn them to joy, Only Jesus can find every broken shard of a fragile pure heart that has been broken like glass time and again by the arrows of the enemy and his constant accusations that are all lies in the eyes of God. Only Jesus can tear down walls, mend fences, build bridges and be our fortress, a stronghold to defeat all strongholds and foes.

Stop trying to be everything to everybody and let Jesus be everything to you. He always was to me. I just wish I known that a little sooner.  Rebecca Jones


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