Blooming in His Word


My mother drove past a church with this on their sign out front.  I must have been a late bloomer in some respects, though I blossomed in many other ways. Truthfully, I can tell you I never knew how much He loved me until I started blooming in the Word and here came the attacks.

If I studied about healing, I got sick, but I still studied and believed in healing. Prosperity, I had potential. No money. Don’t lose your hope or joy over the setbacks, Jesus is there. He wants to have us believe and pray from His rest and let Him take the lead.

I used to think If I did things backwards, like confessing healing instead of sickness. I’d be healed, God would see my big old faith, but all He saw was me getting sicker many of the times. Yes, healing is a good confession. It is a finished work of Christ. God calls things into being. Though we are to be like Christ and we are as believers, we often fall short.

And believe me there are always people who will remind you of that. If only they would stop to pray for you or lift you up when you fall. God’s love is about sowing seeds of love and kindness, joy, mercy, faith. Most anything can be a seed.

And we all know about weeding gardens, and turning the soil. Adding fertilizer and water and all the things that make flowers grow. Many people talk to them.   I read a great blog the other day by a young nursing student and whether you are young or old or even between, don’t let it bother you what others say or think. What matters is what Jesus thinks and He loves you, so blossom of in the Word, the Holy Spirit will get out the weeds.

Rebecca Jones



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