Time To Unwind


Ever feel like you running out of time? I’m sure we are.  I won’t argue that there is a Pre- Trib Rapture or catching away of the church, I know Christians who still have issues about it. Yet, I believe a loving Lord would take away the church before the Anti Christ’s arrival. This is not what my article is about though.

I have been trying to teach women to rest in the Lord.  Jesus took so much punishment for so many of us to still be struggling in our day to day lives. I spoke to a young lady who said her workplace was difficult for her. Women are still cutting each other up with the tongues. I told her to speak peace there. We need to speak peace to our homes and churches and offices.  We need unity and not division.

God has enough promotion and provision for everyone and hey, ministers…there are plenty of souls to harvest. Why is the ministry any different? I was naive, when I heard about men not liking women in the ministry. But it is true, there are still some with sexist views, while God looks at us as neither male nor female in Christ, neither Jew or Gentile, and you know He’s Omniscient, He knows, there are yet serious oppositions from a male dominated area.

You’d think we’d be beyond this when it comes to Christ, but not always so. It’s a spirit that must be against the body of Christ. The continual violence on the news, the destruction and division families. Single parent, and fatherless homes, the transgender toilets being first at six o’clock. God help us, the devil is working overtime against souls being won. The best news piece I saw lately was a man that helped another who was shot off his motorcycle. He just went over to the church parking lot where the cyclist managed to stop, help stop the bleeding, and said, ” I love you man, I hope you make it. ”

One of our local reporters tracked him down, and he said he did it because it was right and his neighborhood had a bad reputation. Both men were black, and the man’s wife was also on the motorcycle so it could have been a disaster.  An excellent story in the light of all the bad ones, even seeing the remake of Roots and a new series called Underground, made me leery that the enemy is stirring up anything he can to divide.

I was talking about rest, you see from my article how easy it is to drift off into another train of thought. That’s why our focus has to be Jesus, so we can treat each other better, discern who needs to be avoided and who we can truly help. My mother is one who has had her share of trouble resting and relaxing in his finished work. I was massaging her back and told her she was tight to relax. She said she couldn’t. I’ve actually seen the chiropractor having trouble adjusting her.  She’s going to have to, we all are. If it takes napping, praise music, a walk or jog, saying no to something.

We need to de-clutter, de-stress and not be desensitized to the moving of the Spirit being so use to violence and bad news. Let’s do some good and make some good news, teach and preach and sing the good news of Jesus, it’s not on our backs, it was on His. It’s time to unwind. And we are running out of time. Rebecca Jones


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