Cleansing The Temple


Most people have heard of the popular cleansing diets and drinks and the spa treatments for detoxing your skin or body.  Those kind of things were are probably still popular. I was believing God for healing my back. I didn’t have the money for lots of those things.  I kept hearing ministers touting vitamins and water.

Sure, water’s fine but I like tea and coke zero.  To me it seemed that they were asking me to give up certain foods do this diet or that one, buy these vitamins. Atkins was effective, but you get tired of the same old foods.

I was at my heaviest when I was the most lonely, afraid, when I had more stress than I could bear.  My health was worse, I resisted being put on blood pressure medicine because it was borderline and I thought I was resisting a family sort of curse, which was not true. I was certain that the fear I had was a curse, I heard teaching on that. Not true.

I also resisted being put on an anti depressant medication  for I had been to a doctor who said I was heavy because I was depressed. I was not buying it. I wasn’t healed but I didn’t think I was depressed. ( The Lord showed me something I was grieved about. )  He fixed it.

When I had TMJ, I took it because I was in so much pain. I could not get up in the morning.  I quit it, the same anti depressant was used for pain as it turned out.  I never recommend quitting a medicine cold turkey but I did.

As for food, I don’t think what you eat makes you holy or not. I know vegetarians and meat eaters alike who are still having troubles.  They exercise, drink water, walk. I found a verse in 1 Timothy 4:5 that says anything  you eat is alright if it is blessed. And that ended the debate for me.

Jesus also said that it is what comes out of us that defiles us, not what goes in.  This was in response to eating with dirty hands and He was opposed concerning many laws, but Jesus fulfilled them.  As long as you bless your food, use common sense, you are fine. You don’t have to go around casting out calories or speaking to fat.  A better confession is that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. I am loved, made righteous and free in Jesus.

Not a temple to a false god, you don’t have to be a body builder or even have a gym membership.  Just be open to the love of Jesus and spend time in His presence, His rest, take a quiet walk with Him. Worship Him.

Don’t put your faith in the creation, food or vitamins. Be still and know He is God. Put faith in the Creator.  He loves you as a believer, no matter how you look! You are beautiful to Him! He wants you to be in the image of His dear Son, Jesus.  And He is in health, vibrant and alive for evermore.

Children who eat pizza and some who will not touch a vegetable unless you can manage to hide a pea in something, have energy to burn. Sow His Word into your Spirit, it will activate your flesh to life. Fill your heart and mind with good thoughts, Gods thoughts. They are meant for good and are plentiful toward you.

Jesus spoke to the fig tree but did not shrivel until He cleansed the temple of robbers and thieves.  It was dead from the root. The Bible is a spiritual book, it is parallels, cycles and patterns. It is allegorical and metaphorical, stories within a story, you have to read and study carefully.

I recommend highly the baptism of the Holy  Spirit. He is truth. He alone, will not leave you of forsake you and will never deceive you. False doctrines, religions, cults will. The Holy Spirit is a free gift from God. All His gifts are. And we are to use them and share them with the body of Christ.

So, we are the body, the temple. Jesus cleansed the temple with His Word and a whip. We are healed by the Word ( Jesus ), because He took a whipping for us in His own body. he broke curses for believers. How do we do this in our own bodies, our temple, the same way, with the Word, Jesus, our words agreeing with His, the Holy Spirit whips the demonic influences, which invade our thoughts and bodies with sickness, disease. The devil goes after weakness, painful memories, anything he knows hurts or torments you whether sin or trauma, or sorrow. The main weapons in his arsenal are fear and condemnation.

Our main weapon is Jesus! And if you have  the gift of the Holy Spirit, use Him. He will help you cleanse your temple and drive out all the robbers and thieves. I sincerely hope this is helpful. I want to see healing manifested. He is not a respecter of persons, He’ll do it if you do you part ant believe.

Rebecca Jones

Father, I pray this imparts wisdom to someone in great need today, make sure they see it wherever they may be let is bless them and bring courage and strength and healing to their mind, heart, and body. You are not alone, says the Lord, surrender to my grace.



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