We’re All Fishers of Men


When all is said and done, aren’t we all really fishers of men?  As believers we should light the way through a dark world.  It my not always be easy but just as the disciple were told, we too, should fish.

What does that really mean?  Well, we should walk in the Spirit, sing praises and have a thankful heart. If we lift up Jesus and magnify him not the problems, the we are drawing  people to ourselves and  to Him first and foremost.  Are you a Jesus magnet?

Then, there story of Jesus sending Peter for the fish and the coin. Wasn’t that miraculous? I would love to have seen their faces.  Don’t ever count Jesus out, whatever trouble you’re in, He casts a wide net.

Peter’s nets broke from the boatload of fish. Luke 5:6 And even a swearing and denying fisherman was restored and won many souls.  Jesus was a carpenter, I’m sure he made a few cabinets and chairs, but He was a master of a lot of things. He calmed the winds and waves and was a master story teller.

And in the closing days before His return, He’s still fishing for men.

Rebecca Jones



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