He Calls Me Little One


I wanted to write a special post and this one is very personal. I realize though how many of us are still having trouble with receiving God’s love. I know I did. And looking back, it was always just and average Father’s Day, not this past one because I included the Heavenly Father.

Even if we are blessed with Christian parents, step parents of grandparents, they may not have the revelation of God as Father or I should say loving Father. Not until more recently, had I hear the term papa God or daddy God. Years ago, I would have taken offense, and I would have been wrong.  The Holy Spirit cries Abba Father and we are adopted sons and daughters. I believe in being respectful, reverent. I never have cared for frantic worship, but sometimes I suppose it’s just the person’s reaction. Sometimes, I have seen chaotic, I was almost pushed through a plate glass window once at a conference.

Everybody was running to get a seat and so did. There was an old lady who asked why I was running. I told her to get a good seat, I was doing as I was told. But now I think she must have been an angel or something. I can’t rush through life hysterical or in pandemonium. I hear the Lord calling us to rest, His rest, His peace.

I came to a place of being worn out, I’ve seen it happen to a lot of women. Mostly, caregivers. Frantic leads to hectic and to exhaustion. I never thought I could keep up with other people, I couldn’t stand the pace, but now I’m resting in the Lord, I may not be a sprinter, but at least this little mouse is in the race.

And as for fatherly love, I know what it is and isn’t. It’s kindness, not verbal or mental abuse, and certainly not physical. Jesus took the beating. I believe in discipline, firmly in some cases, but having authority in words is much better. And as believers we do. If God does not want His children in fear, why should we want ours to be?

If you can’t win or keep them with love, you never will with fear.  So talk to your loving Heavenly Father today, and don’t blame the earthly parents for being human, forgiveness and repentance is the way to go. I have been blessed to know a couple of people who have heard the audible voice of God, that is why the gifts of the Spirit are important to discern. One heard, ” Good morning. ”

He speaks mostly through His Word, through anointed believers, dreams and visions, but in a day when revival is here. He is calling us to believe, calling us by name. And I know as I prayed one day, He called me “little one “. I told my mother that I wanted to help someone, the way I wish someone would have helped me.  Doing unto others?

So I shared that to say this, you are never alone as a believe, if you are lonely, He’s calling you. Talk to the one who loves you most, ask the Holy Spirit’s guidance. The love and beauty of the Lord and His miracles surround us. Rest in that love. Rebecca Jones

The Painting ” Little One ” / J.Bryant Ward



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