The Lost Coin


I read an article about us being God’s coins. I have to admit I’d never thought of that.  I can easily see someone sweeping and looking for a lost coin of value to no avail or the genuine joy if they are in need and happen to sweep it up in the bristles.

I never thought of myself as a lost coin that Jesus swept the world over for or rather gave His life for.  I never thought of myself as a pearl of great price either, that’s another post…, one I’ve already written about.

I personally, don’t care for sweeping or mopping. Lately, after nine loads of laundry, I was starting to oppose that as well.  I see the love and care that it must have taken, considering the dust back then,  ( and I thought I had a lot ) it may have taken a while to find it but she kept trying.

Since it was customary to wash feet for guests, there was probably dust at the front door and surely the back one if the was a back door.  If she had children, there was dirt. Maybe, her husband had worked hard and brought in his share. She moved furniture, Jesus moved heaven and earth.

Jesus must have stepped through His share of saw dust, Mary probably swept her house also.  It’s funny how we can see our own lives in the stories of the Bible.  I saw myself as a lost sheep, sometimes I saw myself in Jesus, I was acquainted with pain and I knew sorrow.

I have prayed as hard as Hannah, pondered things like Mary.  I was loved like the disciple John, whom Jesus loved. And  I never really knew how much, what a sacrifice it really was for Jesus to die.

Jesus also said to give Caesar what was Caesar’s and what was God’s to God. And you know He wasn’t just talking about taxes or coins, but also His people. This is an idea I never noticed from that story as well.  You can see how neatly Jesus ties verses together, and we can peel back the layers of the parables and always gain more insight.

Judas betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver, but He redeemed souls many times that over and again, because we are His treasure chest of lost coins. Rebecca Jones






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