As Rachel Britton stated on Twitter, Jesus is the best story teller ever. I chimed in and added that He was also the best writer and loved happy ending.  He chose to conceal truths from the religious elite and reveal them to believing multitudes. He explained the Kingdom of God, as being inside us.

He revealed how He would send the Holy Spirit, how it would actually be better when He went away.  He told us that the prophets longed to see what we see, for the Holy Spirit only worked by coming upon them then.  He told the religious, that they were appearing one  way on the outside and like a tomb on the inside.  He came to give everlasting life.

One of the parables He tells is of servants who bury various amounts and what they reaped in return. We know people prosper in thirty, sixty  and even a hundred fold.  The one I am writing about is the servant who did nothing with His talent.

For a long time, I felt like I might have been like this man. When He thought His Master a hard man, he hid his talent. I was concerned that I was doing just that because I had let fear keep me from doing just this. Though I dreamed of writing, I never thought I’d be blogging or that people would be blessed by it, that I would be getting positive comments and even being asked to write a follow up to  Beautiful Dreamer.

Well, this is a start. If God created you, you can rest assured you have a talent. Forget this man who hid his talent in the dirt, dig it up, dust it off and spend time with Him. Although a talent is referring to money, there are layers to the parables and you can read between the lines and apply it to different circumstances as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Jesus doesn’t want His gifts buried, so go on a treasure hunt. If you don’t find anything, go out again until you hit that vein of gold. Remember, He doesn’t want  our light to be  under a bushel either.  God bless you as you study the parables.

Rebecca Jones





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