Say A Prayer


Prayers don’t come easily for some. But saying a prayer is easy.  It’s as easy as a whisper of His name. You can call on Him and He will answer and show you mighty things that you did not know.  Prayer is simply talking to God about your problems, more specifically, tell those problems what a mighty God we serve.  It is also a two way conversation, you have to not just talk, but listen and rest. Praying in tongues is also speaking directly to God.

Tear down those walls of Jericho, sound the shofar of prayer and let the enemy see God’s hand reduce ungodliness to rubble.  Watch the destruction of the wicked one’s traps as he steps into his own snares. Prayer and praise are soulmates, they go together. they are bound together and are also one with worship and intimacy with God.

If you don’t know what to say, just tell Him you know that He knows already. He does. Thank Him for Jesus and for loving you, and for the answers.  Spend time with Jesus, not just at church, find some down time or alone time, find your secret place.

Never pray to just ” help me make it “, or make vows you won’t keep.  God wants you to know He has forgiven you if you have truly accepted Jesus. He will see you and love you as He did Jesus, His desire is for you to become like Him. If you are accepted into the beloved, you are a son or daughter and can pray boldly.  Its not demanding but believing. don’t doubt Him by praying if it’s His will.

Say a little prayer….

Father, Abba, my Loving Lord, thank you for the gift of your beloved Son, Jesus. I don’t have the answers but I know you do. I will seek you in quiet and peace, and you will hear the cries of my heart and I will know your love and you will tell me what to do about…………………in Jesus Name. Amen.

Rebecca Jones


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