It Should Have Been The Men


It should have the been the men, what does that mean? The men should have been there when Jesus rose. Where were they? In hiding, for fear of the Jews.  Don’t get me wrong about that, I’m glad that women are such devotees of the Lord and He of them.

Susanna, Joanna the Marys all followed Him.  They funded His gospel and made it possible for many others to hear the Good News.  He sent them out to minister with their husbands, later in Paul’s gospel.  Kathryn Kuhlman always said that her ministry should have belonged to a man.  She was a slight, delicate, woman when I watched her as a child. I was actually afraid of her, when she pointed a bony finger from a long white sleeve and declared the message. I watched her, in addition to Tammy Faye and her puppet shows.

Women in ministry have come and gone. Many were insulted and mocked, at the heart of scandal and at the heart of God. We all fall short. There were some who even way back in the day had rocks thrown at them by the very men that should have sought the Lord in prayer and the Holy Spirit.

It’s not about men versus women. Or even good versus evil. Jesus defeated that. So it’s all about Him and the love of God. Aren’t we on the same side? God knows men were meant to be stronger and take care of women. He also knows that women are strong enough to bear children and raise families, and that is powerful. He looks at hearts.

Every knee will someday bow, do it now. Let’s all bow before the Lord, and not be in hiding.  What you were created to be is not about being a man or woman, it is about being a man or woman of God.  Rebecca Jones


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