Free To Shine


In the prayer so often prayed over us from Numbers 6, God is supposed to make His face to shine upon us. Are we really free to shine for Jesus? Let go of anything that hinders that prayer. Let’s be free to shine. Jesus face shone, Moses’ did after he’d been to the mountain top. Stephen’s face shone as he was being stoned. How?  He could look into heaven and see the Lord standing there, waiting to receive him.

Notice that He was not seated but standing. Jesus is not just sitting there waiting for you. He is performing the priestly duties. He is our High Priest, forever, after the order of Melchizedek. His blood is on the mercy seat. He has a book where our days are recorded.  Our tears are in bottles, angels are busy working for us.  God is for us and who can stand up to Him, if we stand for Him and with Him.

Moses’ shone, and upon receiving commandments, broke them in anger. Jesus shone and gave us a new commandment to love. If we love, we will not break them. His truth and grace covers us, and we are forever covered by the blood of Jesus, safe, secure, secreted away from the terror by night and the arrow that flies by noonday.

Even Stephen who died at the hands of  those he could have helped, shone because He saw Jesus. Paul too, saw Jesus and was blinded by His light and love until he was prayed for. He was there for the stoning of Stephen, he held the coats of the men who stoned him. Something about his face may have impacted him, maybe not.

He looked into the eyes of love after being blinded by sin and shame. Imagine being blind and the first thing you see is Jesus! Did Paul see Jesus? No doubt, he did. He wrote so much of the New Testament and talks about being in and out of the body, either in spirit or near death after himself being stoned.

God wants his face to shine on us? We too are stoned by cross words, angry insults, ridicule and just plain hatred. They hated Jesus who was innocent, without a cause. The devil hates believers, the feeling is mutual. Get behind us, God’s glory is shining on us and he’ll be blinded out of our lives.

Father, in Jesus name shine on us and give us your peace. I peel off the spiritual blindness of believers and command the enemy’s retreat at your glory upon us. Make us to shine like the Son, and hold us in the palm of you hand, so we are free to shine. Rebecca Jones


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