Speaking to the Rock


Jesus has been my Rock for a long time now, though I was born again at an early age I never truly understood how much so. I wondered how He could have done that as a human being, so I decided He was more God, a superman, and that maybe crucifixion was like bullets bouncing off His chest or something.  When it seemed my prayers were not answered, I thought He must not want me to have that, or maybe the job I wanted was in a dangerous place and He didn’t want me there.

I sought Him all the time about a lot things, well, everything. Jesus was close to my heart and I wanted to know Him and please Him. When I thought I wasn’t I tried harder. I knew nothing of the rest, He wanted to give my longing soul. I was in pain and sought healing. I identified with His pain. Bad idea! He’s the one who took it for me, I thought I was doing something wrong and it grew worse.

Jesus was all God, or He could not have done this, He was all human, He suffered, He cried, He was tempted to give up. He was taunted by the devil at all times, but He knew how to resist and shut him up.  Mark 11:23 became the crux of dissension among believers I knew.  I was speaking to my mountains.

They weren’t moving!  I thought I didn’t have faith or enough faith. I suffered but watched and listened to ministers.  I rightly divided the truth, but I wasn’t actually as sold out and dependent on Jesus  as I thought, the Holy Spirit is the best teacher ever!  He is a gift! Praying in the Spirit is a gift!

Jesus knew I had faith, that I loved Him, believed Him. I wan’t letting things slip as much as they were stolen by the enemy. Mostly, through unkind words and division.  I found that Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to it. Jesus is our rock and He has been stricken, smitten already.

So, I talked to Jesus about everything. I don’t have to tell my problems to Him. My problems better watch out when I speak to about Jesus, they removed and cast into the sea. Rebecca Jones



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