Willing To Believe


People believe in all sorts of things, the latest fads, vitamins, aliens and someone leaving gifts and candy, make believe and fairy tales.  All stories has some element of either fact or truth, at least for the most part.  It ‘s like everyone wants to be thinner, richer, prettier.  Everyone wants to hit the jackpot, win the lottery, but I like a sure thing, Jesus, the same yesterday and today and forever.  There are a lot of people who want something for nothing, Jesus isn’t what they want though, even though He freely loves and gives.  For some I guess it is easier to believe in fate or karma or luck, all of which have an element of the occult. There is no magic wand, portion or spell. There is only Jesus .

He’s not an alien or ascended Master, although He ascended and is Lord and Master.  He died to freely give you salvation and spiritual gift, and you  don’t need a stocking. Angels are His servants, they are not the same as fairies, although some angels stories could have made their way into folklore.

He was all man and all God. His truths are evident in His Word, He came to heal and forgive, He longs to take you and love you and show you His ways, which are God’s and higher than ours.  He sent His Holy Spirit to Comfort us, to teach us, but you have to be willing to change, to learn spiritual things as you follow love.

Only He can save, there is no other name as powerful. All religions take from His teaching and will turn them to their advantage. He is often recognized as a prophet, but not as the Son of God.  There are people with ulterior motives who will seek to use His name and many people attempt to walk the walk. I have been fooled by some, but not if I listen to the depth of the Holy Spirit.

To be a follow of Jesus, believe, for His Spirit. He will enlighten you and that is not New Age, it is just there is no darkness in Him.  He will implement change as you grow in grace and faith. He is not to be scorned or mocked. Drug users who somehow think that is way to worship, are sadly mistaken. It is not a mixture of Christian and occult practices.

Jesus will change us from the inside out, He is willing to heal and forgive, are we willing to change?


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