I Am Willing


I am willing~ the words of the precious Lord to the leper. I can not comprehend being that way, a horrible disease that put you away from society, it made you unclean under the Law but Jesus fulfilled that and said I am willing to the request  of healing.

So many people are in conflict over healing. That statement alone makes plain God’s will for healing. He sent Jesus!  And he healed everyone who asked, or delivered them from the demonic. The only people who did not receive did not accept Him. He could do no mighty work because of their doubt and and unbelief.

And this is before He gave His life for us. How much more would He heal now?  The question is not if He is willing? It is, are we? We have to set aside theological differences and not be caught up in faith healing.  Healing comes by faith, yes. Healing comes at home. Healing comes suddenly and from the inside.

Jesus asked the man at the pool of Bethsaida, who replied that no one was there to help him. Jesus was there, he didn’t recognize that. For thirty eight years, he was  paralyzed or crippled. Some commentaries may relate it to sin or weakness and others suggest a stroke. We don’t know if he was thirty eight or older. Can you imagine laying beside a gate begging?  Or on a mat? Bleeding twelve years?

Jesus didn’t concern Himself with the sin. He was healing and forgiving simultaneously. If you are healed, you would be repentant.  However, when He healed the ten lepers only one returned to thank Him. I would imagine the other nine, gave the devil a place to worm his way in again.

Can you imagine being crippled and walking to Jesus, being blind and seeing Jesus first? Hearing His voice for the first time.  Having Him turn and face you and allay your fears that maybe you shouldn’t have touched Him.  Being a wicked woman and seven devils falling off you? Being ignorant of spiritual things and demonic sickness falling off you?

Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us, why would He not be willing to heal.? It is up to us to believe, and to receive. And to praise Him for it. It is a promise of Isaiah 53. It is also up to us to resist, symptoms, sickness and disease in His name. Take medicine if you need it, go to the doctor, rest, rest, rest in Jesus.

I went round and round with this for years. I had severe scoliosis. Without going into great detail a lady minister spoke and the spirit of infirmity left, but my back did not heal right away. I had to grow in Jesus and receive. I fought off many spiritual and physical attacks and stood in faith, by His grace. I resisted fear and oppression. truthfully, it was understanding His great love that brought healing.

Faith, hope and love and love is the greatest.  He is the Great Physician and ultimate healer, and He is willing!  Are you willing to be healed?

Rebecca Jones


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