A Time To Pray


As Pentecost approaches, may He pour out His Spirit on all flesh. The Ten Commandments were given to Moses and three thousand people died.  Paul calls it “the ministry of death” and “the ministry of condemnation”. 2 Corinthians 3:7–9  When Pentecost was poured out in Acts 2:41, there were three thousand saved.

We know Jesus came and brought grace and truth. He also did not come to condemn. John 3:17, Romans 8:1. He could have been one of the accusers, when asked about the stoning and writing in the ground. Did you know where that took place, it is not dirt like you see in the movies? He was fulfilling the law and the prophets, writing in stone.

What did he write? I’ve heard ministers joke that it was the addresses and names of the women they had committed adultery with.  This is serious for people to work out their salvation. John 8:11 He will not be mocked!  He did not condemn the repentant woman or man, neither does He now, and He is not the accuser. The devil is. He is forgiver, the healer of our broken souls, He sees the truth, you will never fool Him.

The truth is I don’t know what He wrote. But He was not condemning anyone, He could have though. He was not crucified yet.  If He didn’t then, He doesn’t now. “Where are the accusers? ” ,  ” Neither, do I condemn thee. ”  He also said to go and sin no more. I do not believe He wants to see people that belong to Him not living the abundant life in Him that He gave so freely.

I’m not suggesting everyone go free either, because the Holy Spirit would have to give those in charge the wisdom to be discerning. Jesus looks at the heart. He knows if you belong to Him, He is gracious and merciful, and wants the letter of the law carried out when necessary, but in spiritual things, it kills and He would have the Holy Spirit fall on you and give you life.  There are some though that will not believe.

I pray for  the three thousand, in every city and state, all over the world. Lord, multiply you kingdom, and come quickly Lord Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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