Finding Beautiful


A lot of women define beauty by looks, a beautiful face and nice cheekbones, full make up.  Others, would say long, shapely legs and a tanned firm body.  Sill others would like full lips, big eyes.  Maybe long flowing blonde hair, the kind that would easily blow in the wind or toss to and fro behind you as you jog on the beach.

This post is just a way to make us think how we define beauty.  I have re-thought it myself.  I  always loved Myrna Loy, she was tall, cute, and had a funny sense of humor.  Greer Garson was a fiery, beautiful, redhead, who had a sweet gentle voice and a manner to match. Ginger Rogers was beautiful as well, she is one of those people who look good blonde, brunette or red head. She could sing and dance and act.

But there is still other beauty, the way Irene Dunne with her Norwegian accent scrubs floors to see her daughter in the hospital in I Remember Mama, and her sister played by Ellen Corby’s romance with a strange little undertaker. Not my idea of a beau, but there is a genuine feeling of love.

I lived a little vicariously through the movies. I don’t know a lot of today’s stars. I am moved by humility, sweetness and gentleness that is also a description of the Lord.  He make not have been so beautiful as He was marred beyond description, and His back slashed.

But He is the most beautiful and loving man ever and I’m happy he chose me.

Rebecca Jones




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