Women in the Word


Have you ever really studied the women of the Bible. I have, and there are some evil ones. of course, there’s Jezebel and Delilah, but there are others. Some were brave, some were foolish, like Deborah and the virgins who let their oil burn out.

There are obscure ones, like Sheera who built cities and Jael, who nailed a man’s head to the ground. And women had no rights like today, there were concubines and prostitutes,wonderful women, like Mary, Elizabeth and Esther or Hadassah, her Hebrew name.

There’s Rebekah, I can relate to her. There’s a slave girl who gave Naaman the story of the prophet Elijah. There are women like Susanna who followed and supported Jesus’ ministry.

There are countless unnamed women, handmaidens and a couple I found, not in the Bible but other historical records. We read about Potiphar’s wife. But her name was Zelicah, and Ado is the woman who looked back at Sodom and Gommorah and turned to a pillar of salt. There is a stone there still named for her.

It can be an exhausting read. I  spend countless hours researching women for a Bible study, they took up to two years and I still didn’t get them all, of course that was not a full time work.

I encourage you to study them. Many had struggles just like we do. They had martial problems and unruly children. They worked harder than we can imagine. We don’t have to make our own sandals, and our bread comes sliced in a bag.

We don’t have to make our own make up or clothes, not all the women were wealthy like the seller of purple, which was a dye from a snail. Not all of them had servants to bathe and pamper them in a palace or course palatial life had it’s drawbacks if you were a slave or concubine.

I hope you will find the them to read about the women of the Bible or pick up one of the many good books about them. Maybe, mine will hit the books stores one day.

Rebecca Jones


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