Sleep For the Beloved


He gives sleep to His beloved. Psalm 127:2

For a long time I had trouble sleeping, back pain and other reasons accounted for it.  All the while, I was the beloved and God wanted me to sleep. He sent His beloved Son to save me and He wore that crown of thorns for me, and yet, I couldn’t get a handle on my problems or discern spiritual things enough to know what to do, but still, I was the beloved.

I sleep now knowing this, my pain medicine is not more than Tylenol. I took medicine for migraines and one for TMJ, but that wiped me out. I had a conversation with a friend. They want you to take this medicine for that and then it makes you this way.

I believe in medicine if you need it, but not over prescribing or something addictive. I sought alternative ways to combat migraines and staying out of light, cool cloths and rest was better than a regulated narcotic. This stuff was so strong, I could only get a few at the time. I even asked my mother why they would think I wasn’t responsible enough, but after seeing so many people getting addicted, I know that my prayers and God’s loving grace kept me from that evil.

But by the time TMJ rolled in on me in 2002, I had to break down and wear a mouth piece, the earaches were excruciating, I cried myself to sleep. I was still the beloved. Every word we speak can have a positive or negative effect on our bodies. As I continued to declare my healing and pray, I was still the beloved.

If He is on the throne and I’m a believer. I’m His beloved, so meditate on His words that are both spirit and life. I could never really guard my heart well enough, either. I let too many people hurt me for having faith to be healed.

But His peace surpasses all understanding and it says will also guard your hearts and minds. I knew when I stopped try so hard, He went to work for me. I am His beloved, He gives me sleep, sometimes I can sleep twelve hours a day, if I do, I need it. I used to be up eighteen hour days, but the six weeks in 2012 when I slept very little was the last straw. You can not live or function well without it. Go to bed early, if you need too. Turn off whatever you need to. You’re still the beloved, He wants you to sleep and to heal.

Rebecca Jones



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