Things Are Looking Up


I have never been a swimmer, a walk on the beach to get my toes wet would be enough. But I know the overwhelming feeling of being underwater, that is, feeling pressured. You need that job! There’s not enough in the bank. The doctor says I have what? Whether it’s marital strife or children out of control, horrible bosses or just a case of road rage. There are so many snares that we can find ourselves entangled in.

Sometimes, we are perishing for a lack of knowledge. We are not holding onto the truth of Scripture or maybe it is mixed with the leaven or false doctrines of the Pharisees and Sadducees. And again, it’s not always our fault that things come against us. We come under attacks from the enemy as we grow in faith.

There are people that are like Job’s friends, who gave lousy advice.  You have to be careful who you confide in and what you confide to them.  You can always trust Jesus. He remembers our sins no more. He will never remind you of them or use them against you, He will never embarrass you. He forgives you and He loves you and He will help you grow.  You can get through anything by holding onto Him. Nothing separates you from His love.

I struggled not understanding the accuser of the brethren. The devil pops up in the strangest of places when people you love including Christians loan him the voice to criticize, condemn and just to be cruel. It is also that haughty little evil conscience that we have in our heads, that has been sprinkled with the blood of Jesus.  So why are we listening to the constant haranguing of how bad we are, we’ll never make it, nobody loves me. Sometimes, it is worse for some, wishing they were dead or some irrational focus on a wrong done to them, real or not, it has led many to commit horrific crimes.  Sometimes, people only have a head knowledge and not heart knowledge of Jesus. That is why I recommend seeking medical or professional help. It can be difficult to get people to understand the love of God, if they have suffered drug abuse, difficult, but not impossible.

If you are surrendered to the Holy Spirit, He will guide you, He will give you wisdom and guidance and protection. Grace does not guarantee that you can sin without impunity, the wages of sin are still death.  But if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed and it’s nice not to pay attention to lies subtly suggested by the devil.

It’s better to hear verses, songs and sermons in the loop of your mind, you are my beloved, I’m proud of you, it’ll be alright, trust me, I’m here for you. I love you, remember, I died for you. Even if you’re awake in pain at 4 in the morning, it’s better to sing and praise Him, than to give in to the devil’s lies that God doesn’t heal anymore, what make you think your so smart, you don’t deserve it.

If you have truly believed on Him, you are loved, He paid for it, so you deserve it, thank Him even if you don’t feel it yet.  After all He touched lepers, and when one ask if He was willing, He said I am willing. The great I AM is willing to touch you too. Rebecca Jones



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