Catch Your Breath

Dmitry Zvolskiy

I have experienced a lot of shortness of breath in my life, chronic bronchitis, scoliosis, that pressed my heart forward, I had trouble walking without being short of breath.  But I found Jesus working and healing and restoring me. I never stopped praising Him, and I never will.

There are lots of illness that cause you to be short of breath. The word “pneuma ” is breath. It is synonymous with wind, spirit, breath. The Holy Spirit is that breath, that Jesus breathes on us, that God breathed on Adam and made him a living soul. He sent the Word, Jesus, and made Him flesh. then Jesus breathed on His disciples.

You can listen to soft praise music. You can worship and use deep breathing, not yoga. And you can even breathe in the essence or breath of heaven. Breathing techniques are very helpful. But if you want to expand your lungs and faith. Breathe! take a deep breath of heaven and worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness, His majesty and glory.

To Him who sits on the throne, be glory and honor and power forever. The Lord reigns and He is the Healer. So draw a breath of heaven and drink in His wonderful presence.  Catch your breath!

Dimitri Zvolskiy / Burst

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