Looking Into the Eyes of Love


If you have accepted Jesus, you surely have looked into the eyes of love. Unfortunately, most of us have also looked into the eyes of evil. Whether its in some health crisis, or war or the terrorism of 9/11, if it’s abuse of the elderly or children or the cruelty to animals, the bullies at school, the men that beat women, we’ve seen it. We have seen it, stared it down and faced it if rest and remain in Jesus.

There are no limits to what a human spirit can overcome with Jesus on the inside of us. Let’s stop glorifying the bad guys and making the line a blur. Its time for heroes to ride out on a white horse again. Its time to be bold and take back what the enemy has stolen, if its health or joy or peace. And while it was a poplar song back in the 90’s about satan being under my feet, he’s really only under them if we are walking constantly and consistently with Jesus. It’s Jesus feet, he’s truly under.

It’s time to look away from the things that entice your thoughts into insensitivity. Let’s focus on Jesus, looking to Him as our everything. It’s time to take another look, a lasting look, an everlasting look into the eyes of love, into the eyes of Jesus. Rebecca Jones

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