Rest and Remain


When the heavens opened up, the dove descended upon Jesus and God spoke the word about His beloved Son. In the Old Testament, we read how the Holy Spirit came upon people at various times. Jesus promised us the Comforter, His Spirit. He kept that promise at Pentecost and the Holy Spirit is available to believers.

Of course, He convicts of sin, and He is in us the moment we are born again. Yet, there is the subsequent experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. I truly recommend being taught this and receive both at the same time.

The Holy Spirit longs to rest on us, to rest and remain. He is the Comforter, Paraclete, or Advocate. He know what God speaks and plans for us, He warns you of danger and yes, shows you things to come, good things and how to avoid problems. When you speak in an unknown tongue , you are speaking directly to God.

Jesus spoke of giving us rest. That rest and peace is only in Him. Let the Holy Spirit rest on you, remain in you. I used to worry about losing Him, but that was before I was baptized in Him. When you feel that power, you will understand, He is not leaving you.

Lord, let your Spirit rest and remain on us. Rebecca Jones

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