Letting Go, To Rest


I once read a story about an old lady, she was, at her age, anticipating death. She sat on her porch and rocked day after day. And as she did she occasionally dropped a marble into a glass container that sat beside her. Passers by would notice. One day, someone spoke up.

” What are you doing?” , she was asked. ” I’m learning to let go of the things I love. ” she replied. I never forgot this story, I wrote a poem for my mother based on it. Where it is, I don’t know. But  I was young and wanted to be an inspiring writer, I tried to understand points of view, from all standpoints and ages. But I’m older now, and the story takes on a whole new meaning. It resonates new meaning and strikes a new chord.

Because I am older, more mature, wiser still, deeper in faith, I realize that I am like that old lady, maybe, we all are as we grow in Christ’s knowledge and love. By His grace and peace and that incredible sacrifice on the cross, I am not letting go of the things I love, but of the things I find distasteful, revile and hate. I’m dropping them like marbles or hot potatoes.

I choose to think good thoughts, I choose my words more wisely. Jesus means the world to me and He left heaven to come to get me. I’m dropping my marbles instead of losing them because sin has consequences, even for believers and we are forgiven and we ask as prompted to by the precious Holy Spirit. Yet, we can harbor ill feelings and attitudes that are harmful, mentally, physiologically, and especially spiritually.

A marble, forgiveness. Another, temper. Another, still envy. How often we don’t see our true flaws reflected in God’s Word and yet suffer shame over things forgiven. Most of my sin life, because I became a Christian at eleven, was more sins of omission.  If you know you should do something good and don’t it is a sin, including loving someone, forgiving, praying for and encouraging them. We miss so many things and opportunities to bless others.

Not obeying God’s Word eats away at your soul. Your soul and spirit are together in you body and go to heaven. While your spirit is born again, your mind must be renewed everyday. Certainly, much more than once a week. We eat more than once a week, right?

So let’s drop or lose our marbles of doubt, self pity, pride or whatever keeps us from the perfect will of God, disobedience, purposefully and willfully or not, can leave you in state of distress and confusion. That’s not God. He is the God of Peace. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, Himself.

How often we allow the enemy to target our weaknesses and give him a place. Jesus was right, what good is it to gain the world and lose your soul or He could even said to have nothing and lose it. Many people oppose a grace message as a license to sin. People are anyway. Many people oppose prosperity, but isn’t that a false pride, only Jesus makes us holy. No, disobedience, intentional or out of ignorance, has consequences of eternal impact. The enemy will eat away at your soul, you may die and go to heaven but think of what you may have lost by not making every effort to live in faith and love.

I would rather drop foolish marbles, than to lose that sharp acumen to bitterness. I’ve seen it happen. Let’s stop losing our marbles in fear and panic, and pray and not be ignorant of the enemies devices. Ignorance doesn’t imply stupidity, see the word ignore. What have we been ignoring? Let’s correct it. Science has proven that 75% of illness can be attributed to wrong thinking, as believers, we can do better because our thinking can line up with God’s Word.  It may seem like a leap of faith, it is.  You may feel like the trapeze artist who holds nothing for a split second, palms open, reaching for Jesus, but you can do it, I did. Step into the light that pure light, Jesus.

Father in Jesus name we take authority over our minds and bodies, help us to route the devil by your Spirit and mercy, place the blood over soulish wounds as we forgive. Give us wisdom and clarity of mind, as we renew it in the words of Christ. Help us to replace bad memories with good ones, new ones, fresh ones from your throne of grace and mercy. We give you glory and rest in your peace alone, as we allow the Holy Spirit to weed the gardens of our souls and plant seeds of truth and grace and the pure love of Jesus, water it with living water, let the glory of your Son bring it to pass. Let yor face shine upon us, your beloved. We give you praise. Rebecca Jones


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