Grace, The Rest of Faith


I never understood the Rest of Faith, not until more recently. The children of Israel wandered in the wilderness, needlessly, because of their disobedience. They complained, but God cared for them. Was it His best? No. He wanted to give them the Promised Land. There are a lot of tins that happened to them, they did not believe God that they could take the land. They wanted commandments, but God wanted them to follow Him. There is a Hebrew phrase that shows their arrogance, command us and we will do it. They broke commandments immediately.

When God rested on His seventh day and was at rest. His work was finished. Jesus said His work was finished on the cross, it was. He provided us all we needed there, but sent the Holy Spirit to live in us, to help, teach, speak for us, and even to pray for us. He too, went and sat on a throne.

If you had done as I said you’d have peace like a river. Isaiah 48:18, tell us this. If we pay attention to Jesus and His work, we will also find peace. It is something you have to work for, to labor for, this rest. It can elude us in so many ways. It is not a gift to refuse or ignore, I have seen that result in dire consequences, not that God puts illness on you but weakness allows it in. Rest in Jesus is vital.

Hebrews 4 explains it also. God prepared a rest for His people, the Jews, they didn’t accept it. Jesus redeemed us from the law of sin and death and brought us back into fellowship with God. Seated at the right hand of God, He make intercession for us. He wants us to enter His rest, its a continual, a perpetual, Sabbath rest. There’s nothing we could do to earn salvation, our works are determined by God, if we choose to serve Him and allow the Holy Spirit to direct us.

This is peace, this is rest, and it submission to God. There’s nothing we have to do but rest and believe and receive from the very throne of God.  Be still my wandering soul, rest. It’s time to stop wondering and wandering and enter the Promised Land, the Promised rest, that only Jesus gives. Rebecca Jones


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