A Woman’s Day


And how was your day? That used to be the question around the family dinner table, now for many of us there is no family dinner. If you depend on two incomes, the children are in school and at events, and the weekends full or hectic, you can relate.

My situation wasn’t this exactly, but I was busy enough, but I found myself a continual caregiver who received little in return. I made room for the Lord, but I studied things that were not delivering me. So instead of end times, I went back to John, I had to. I needed to embrace Jesus again and let him embrace me.

I needed a tender voice of love to comfort me, instead of squabbling pre schoolers or relatives who could not agree on dinner much less a family emergency. This is why we need Jesus when things go wrong. He can do things for us no one else can.

Never let your day be too busy for Him. He’s never too busy for us. There are lots of Bible apps and you can stream anything these days, so there is no reason not to hear God’s Word. But also don’t neglect that personal quiet time alone with Jesus, we all need it. If you have to miss something, miss it, cancel something or postpone do it, He’s worth it. I can tell you personally, the effects of being run down are not worth it.

So when someone asks, ” How was your day or week? “. You’ll be a bright, refreshed, and renewed daughter of the King who knows, she’s loved. Rebecca Jones


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