A Woman’s Body

a13ea509017fb0797d937ba7da120891 How is your beloved better than others, most beautiful of women? Song of Solomon 5:9:

When I first put up this category on Pinterest, I was a little hesitant, the same is true here. I put up beautiful pictures to show how beautifully God made us. He made us to be strong, to be soft, to be wise, to experience joy. I think He even created that part of us we might consider weakness, but He calls free will.  He loves for us to depend on Him, to need Him and desire Him, but we can always trust Him.

Many men are the same way, they enjoy a woman needing them, but though it is God’s will for women to be loved and cared for by them, they do not offer the peace or security that God does. God’s promises are pure.  Women and men are always talked about as being so different, yet God gave us each qualities that compliment and complete each other.  He intends for men to love His way.  Society, morals and values and a lack of them, peer pressure contribute.

Created in God’s image, believers should be beautiful, God’s way.  Not flashy, nor overdressed. Modest, moral and holy and righteous because of Jesus. The girl in this Dior advertisement is lean and tan, strong an tall with glow of health. Love contributes to health, just as arguing and abuse destroys it. Words are powerful, I love you, is trite to so many and friends with benefits, casual affairs, and drugs that increase and drive people into promiscuity, the fact that God’s ways are not taught as before, all these sins are against the body.

But Jesus loves you, if you accept Him a Lord, you are accepted into the beloved, accepted into Him and He can forgive you and free you of these old habits and desires. He’s the only one who truly can. He paid a high price for people to be saved, it is a gift that should not be refused or taken lightly.

Take care of yourself, I’m not talking about just diet or exercise. Those are carnal things or to do with the flesh, I’m telling you to take care of your body, the temple where the Holy Spirit resides. Respect Him and yourself, you are beloved. He loves you and will find a perfect love for you. Rebecca Jones



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