A Woman’s Touch


A woman’s touch can be tender, gentle and loving. It can rock the cradle, dry the tears.  It can hold a husband’s hand. She signs check or pays bills online, she pushes the grocery cart or trolley. She folds laundry, day after day, cook meals, does the dishes, drives the car and walks with the stroller. She waters the flowers, and brushes hair.

A woman can bake a cake or knit a blanket, play the piano. A woman’s touch is also a decorative phrase, how she designs and arranges her home.  It may be filled with smell of baking bread, cookies or even gourmet meals. It may be fill with family and friends. It may be filled with children and maybe even not so neat, yet full of love.

It may be the house i dreamed of full of music and laughter, a place to snuggle and watch an old movie, or read in a library curled up with a good book. Some people put scented candles in the home others air fresheners. A woman’s touch be so many things. It can be the way she walks the dog or gets everyone off to school or work.

Whatever your style or whatever stage of life or walk you are in, give it a personal and unique touch, just like God gave you. It’s your signature, it is His.  Rebecca Jones


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