A Woman’s Soul


What is a woman’s soul.  My mother told me she once asked a Baptist minister who could not answer that question. It was the 70’s. To be honest, it was a small church. I know the man meant well but wasn’t as well versed as he should have been.  But that must have left an empty space in her that only God could fill.

Not knowing and understanding and rightly dividing the Word caused so many people so much harm. Let me set it straight, I didn’t learn until the 90’s. I suffered deeply with fears that were way over the top. I never told anyone until I confided in my mother many years later. My prayer life must have been annoying the enemy, and he enjoyed tormenting me.

You soul is your mind, will and emotions. Sensitive women are ate a target. Sensitive men are a target. Sensitive children are a target. Trauma, abuse, and illness, makes you a target. If you are breathing, you are a target. If you are a believer, the devil knows, and that target is on your back.

But there is good news! Because we are spirits, we have a soul and live in a body, we are able to discern and be led by the Holy Spirit. The devil is a liar, he accuses, he has no right to stand in God’s presence and accuse.  Though he did in Job’s time, Jesus has come and been crucified and His blood is on the Mercy Seat, case closed. Your attorney is Jesus and the case is dismissed.

So if you have truly accepted Jesus and walk in His love and grace, he has no way in unless you allow him in. So don’t let him accuse you. If you have to, say loud, ” That’s the accuser of the brethren, cast down. ” Had I known that Jesus was the burnt offering and what a truly enormous sacrifice He made, I would not have went through so much.

I knew He made me righteous, but I never confessed that out loud, when you do then Isaiah 54:13, goes into effect. Though you may be aware of what I call the unholy trinity, fear, terror or torment. it will not come near you.

Fear and caution are different, fear and wisdom are different. I was taught so much about not fearing, I think that’s all I did or thought about. I heard how Jesus died, His flesh ripped to the bone for my healing, and I would get better then worse. Jesus had paid the price, God sees His work as finished. But the devil is anxious to confuse you and steal. John 10:10, is very clear.

And then there’s the part of our soul, the will. We want to do good and can’t because of condemnation or again not being skilled in the Word. We get tired, even lazy. we give up. Being a believer is an ongoing journey and a learning process. Wherever you are, He loves you, if life has thrown you a curve or killed your dream, He can make your way straight and breathe Resurrection life back into anybody. Rebecca Jones


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