A Woman’s Beauty

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A woman’s beauty is so much more than physical. Beauty is more than skin deep. There is more to beauty than an outward appearance. That’s why God is not looking at how we look but at our hearts. You don’t have to look a certain way to know God loves you. He is not impressed with clothes or jewels, Jesus said that the lilies of the field were better dressed than Solomon.

So don’t get so wrapped in trends or fashion or what the media says we should like. God is looking at your heart. He cares if you are a believer in Him, if you obey His Word, and if you are living in a way that pleases Him.  Don’t you realize how much you are loved by a Father who sent His only Son to be the propitiation for you? That is actually translated to be mercy seat.

Jesus was a sweet smelling sacrifice for you. He is beautiful, His love is making you beautiful if you follow Him. He will by the power of the Holy Spirit, teach you.  He will give you gifts and attributes that produce the fruit of the Spirit, love joy and peace. He will bless you to be a blessing. He will hover over you, He will be you everything. He will cover you with your His feathers and take you under His wing.

So no matter your race or color or weight of height, you are special to Him and if says you are then you are. God doesn’t make mistakes, even Joseph became handsome after God worked on Him and freed him from his slavery. Do you believe that He loves you?  Then believe that Jesus is the beauty you wear, He is a wave of love, a robe of righteousness, and His glory covers you as a believer.

In the south there is a saying, beauty is as beauty does. And it is true, even though morals have deteriorated and girls are not as lady like, the saying holds.  Actions can speak louder than words sometimes, and love in action is beautiful.

Gromotovaya / Pixabay


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