A Woman’s Heart


A woman’s heart can be so full of so many things. She can be a wife a mother, sister, friend, daughter. She may also be as a believer, A Daughter of the King.  In many cases, women have become battle hardened, wearied, soldiers in a spiritual war.  A woman may feel alone or abandoned even it appears she has it altogether. We don’t look at things like God does, it’s not the normal. We look at beauty, size, status, money, what kind of home or car you have. I am no less guilty of what I know others have done to me.  Although, I really tried to do God’s will.

I didn’t always see the enemy’s plans of attack against family members or women I cared about and tried to help. I wasn’t always looking with my heart at their heart.  When I did begin to see, I still tried to help. Sometimes, too much. Faith is an individual choice. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He won’t force God’s ways on you, and you can not  force anyone to believe what they can not or will not. Other times, I was naive, the dove, but without the wisdom of the serpent. I was lied to, I suspected it, tried to give the benefit of the doubt and eventually found out the problem was worse than I thought.

Jesus spoke about this when He explained that demons will roam the dry places, where the Holy Spirit is not, or not being allowed to comfort, teach or give insight. They may leave after prayer and return worse than before without renewing the mind or filling the heart with the Word. Oppression is different than possession. Acts 10:38, says Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him. ”

A woman’s heart can be full of things, fear, worry, anxiety. Depression, jealousy, envy or even hatred. If someone has hurt you that bad, take it to God, forgive them in His presence. Let go of all the bad feelings, attitudes, negative thoughts and self loathing. These are all ways of allowing the enemy a foothold, treat him like a salesman, shut the door on him.

These are some of the ways a women can fall into depression, addictions, and even become ill.  I’ve seen lies, denial, death. I’ve seen suicidal threats that were just bluster to control someone, and I know there are those who feel they are without hope. If you need help, seek it professionally. If you take medication, take it correctly and do not self medicate or mix it with alcohol or other drugs. The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10

But the best thing is that my Jesus, came for us to have life and life more abundantly. A woman’s heart is like a treasure chest, read the parables of the Lost Coin and The Pearl of Great Price. If you a are a believer, your value is far above rubies.  There are precious things to keep in your heart and ponder, like Mary. Precious memories, precious love, precious Jesus. A woman’s heart can be filled with beauty, poetry, music and yes, peace. Jesus is our peace and He completes us.

Take the time to find a secret place to pray, take a moment throughout the day to whisk away worries and picture Jesus, arm in arm with you on the shores of the sea, if you’re having a hard time, see Him carrying you, let Him. He loves you, He wants you well, healed free, He died for that.

A woman’s heart is a beautiful home for Jesus, if you believe and follow Him, He has knocked, have you answered? Have you invited Him in? Don’t just give Him the guest house. Decorate, remodel, refurnish your heart and Jesus will help you do that, He was a carpenter, and He will be glad to live with you forever and you will certainly glad you chose to let Him.

A woman’s heart should be a restful, safe and peaceful place and love will burst forth. If you need Jesus to help you,  He will. Rebecca Jones


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