A New Creation


I am a new creation, I am crowned with Christ,

I walk in newness and a plan just for me.

What a new creation, I have become.

A beautiful butterfly, set free.

On my way, day by day,

I flutter along, in song.

My cares and worries cast away,

The mental clutter is gone.

I want to live my new life in Him,

Jesus has hidden it away.

He put me on a pedestal,

And threw my cross away.

He bore it all and for me was accursed,

He love me before I knew,

He’s seen me at my worst.

My soul into a cocoon,

The pattern now reversed,

And behold a lovely new creation,

Flying unrehearsed.

My journey and my jaunt,

Awash with cares and want.

My flurry of flaws, He would erase,

By the miracle of love, and His amazing grace.

A new creation, free of fear and pain,

I loved Jesus, called on His holy name.

I wing my way to heaven, in the purest grace.

In awe of seeing Him there, loving Him face to face.

Rebecca Jones


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