God, I Need A Miracle


Do you need a miracle today? Is something so bad or at least you think it is that there’s no way to overcome it?  Well, there is. It may be too hard for you. But nothing is too hard for God.

I have felt that way. I thought my words or prayer and offers to delve into the Word would change my situation. I can only change myself, tears do not always mean repentance, but changing does, if someone doesn’t change it’s not because God has not spoken to their heart, they have not received.

God is in control, but He does not control people. He never goes against His Word. He loves us enough to let us have a choice. If you can safely walk away, do it! If you need help ask for it! But you can not control people or allow them to control you, that comes under witchcraft.

If you are praying for someone, ask God to minister to them, bring them salvation and deliverance. Pray for peace. Don’t play the victim. Don’t be a victim. Pray for angelic protection. Be patient and kind even it is hard, but let God help you walk away from any problem  that could hurt you. As a believer, you are precious to Him.

If it is financial, He can bless you too, I pray He sends you the best, job, husband or wife, car or house, even groceries, if that is what you need. Ask, He’s listening, believe and hold on, thanking Him and receive.

And if it’s healing, stand on Isaiah 53. Really stand, fervently stand, go to the doctor, take medicine but stand. It begins, asking you to believe the report of God’s promise . There are so many healing verses, read them. Let them soak into your spirit. By His wounds alone are we healed. If there appears to be no hope, there always is with Jesus.

Father, I lift up your precious people to you. I claim with them their promises, send their answers to their prayers. Send their answers, send their peace, send their miracles!

Rebecca Jones




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