Amazing Mothers

While I have enjoyed going through our You’re Already Amazing study and I’m going to go back over it, hopefully, with my mother, I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to voice the love of Jesus this week for women and mothers.  We only have to look to Mary and her plight, how it must have pained the Lord to see His mother suffer and still, He was her Savior as well.

I saw on a program recently how the woman who brought about having a Mother’s Day in the first place, Anna Jarvis, wanted to honor her mother, regretted it becoming commercialized.  It was harder for her and she was even more despondent, and was even arrested for protesting. She opposed Hallmark, candy makers and even carnations being sold. It was joked that there’d have to be a Mother in law’s Day, by the men, but still, we celebrate. I believe she even threw her Mother’s Day  lunch to the floor.  But naturally, people were going to buy cards, candy and flowers, and even lunch.

I loved reading Holley’s story, and the line, I am not barren, I am blessed. I don’t have children but have worked with them, so actually, I have a lot. My mother tells me I have a lot to offer, I know she does! Being a wife and mother is a sacred trust, being a family is loving each other as Jesus taught, related or not, God adopted us because of His sacrifice.

God has a way of bringing us into balance, if we allow it. I have seen foster children terrified of being left, because the mothers had left them, heard of hoarding food until being grown, because the were not fed well as a baby. I have seen horrible mothers and I know amazing ones.

I had a great great aunt who shot a Yankee soldier during the Civil War, who broke in on her and her son, that same son would later walk into a hospital and pray for my great grandmother, hit by a car, and go home to dinner, that he cooked, knowing she would be alright. I had a great aunt Mae who raised a brother and sister, after her mother died.  When her father moved them in with a grandmother she didn’t like and they didn’t have enough to eat. She marched them back home and took care of them. She often cared for the sick when no one else would but never got to be a nurse, and also a pregnant great aunt murdered by her husband. Justice was swift in 1938, he was electrocuted.  Sometimes, I’m amazed at the faith in my family and other times the lack of it.

My own mother and I are close and have been since she had me at seventeen and we almost died together, we’ve shared a lot, and it is amazing the love that brought us through and that love is Jesus. I know people who are expecting and unwed, unsure. Mothers that have lost children because of drugs, lost themselves and totally uncaring. And I know a friend who overcame cancer and is happy to be here to see a grandchild coming. I’ve seen a mother lose her children and get them back, through failed marriages, she’s also a new grandmother.

I prayed for my mother as the doctors told her she had stage four breast cancer, she told the doctor she couldn’t accept that, in faith. She had a hysterectomy because she was run down physically and mentally from being a caregiver all her life. But she did not have a sign of cancer.  I have seen people live in grief over losing their mothers to the point of it ruining life for them. I have seen people drive away from a funeral and go to the movies.

I have seen a lot of mothers, I always try to watch I Remember Mama with Irene Dunne and I liked Blossoms in the Dust with Greer Garson. Old movies are still the best to me.  I grew up thinking that women were like those I admired, and found out there were a lot of Bette Davises.

Whatever you are going through and whatever your mistakes or failures, God still favors women, He has compassion on them, is merciful. If you are like Hannah, praying for a child I ask him to open the wombs of godly women, close those that risk babies to drugs and abortions. ( He did open and close them in the Bible. )  I pray for the adoption paperwork and red tape to be cut. I pray for people who can to foster or adopt, there is such a need. Even though some of the children may have behavioral problems or special needs, it’s nothing you and God’s love can’t handle.  It may not always be easy but He blesses every effort. Jesus loves the little children and all the children of the world. And He loves mothers. From the cross, He gave His mother to John,

He loves the mothers of the world, the lost, the grieving, the miserable. I pray He crosses their path with the help they need and every opportunity to change. May the love and grace of Jesus abound so in the body of Christ to  bring them to repentence. I pray for the sick, mothers who are ill, I just prayed for a woman with a broken back. I claim Isaiah 53 for you and speak healing words over your situation. Don’t be a lone or grieve if have lost your mother, no one will replace her but there are many who would love a card or visit, so find a friend or family member who is like a mother to you. Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be hard for you. God bless mothers and mother in laws this Mother’s Day, they are amazing and wonderful! And I wish each of you the best one ever! Rebecca Jones

*If you scroll down by last two posts are a prayer and poem you might enjoy.


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