Filling Mother’s Shoe


Filling Mother’s shoe is sometimes hard to do,

The nights beside you, all she’s been through.

It’s not always flat, nor high heel.

But Mother’s shoes are hard to fill.

She has to drill you, spelling bees and math.

And when you need a time out,

The door is slammed or pounded,

Military boots may better suit her path,

Because you are grounded.

And she certainly needs a wedge,

For all the prayers she prays,

” Lord, Guide my ways. ”

When she is on the edge.

She definitely needs skates,

For keeping up with toddlers on the run,

And teens on dates.

But she wouldn’t trade the fun.

The joy or pain of giving birth,

Her sneakers are strolling,

Children’s eyes rolling.

The most blessed mother on earth.

Her shoes may be hard to fill,

I pray it gets easier and so it will.

Diamonds, rubies and gold,

Mothers alike and different, young and old.

Only God can measure or treasure,

What His masterpiece Mother is worth,

More than sparrows or birds,

May He fill our hearts with  love,

Our mouths with His words.

He always listens to what we say,

He’s our closest family member,

In every way, still. Our shoes may He fill.

God Bless You Mothers, Happy Mother’s Day.

Keep loving others and doing His will.

Rebecca Jones



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