Joy in the Morning


Should you shed a tear tonight,

I can remind you of this warning.

It may seem dark right now,

Yet joy comes in the morning.

You may cry,

And sigh, and weep.

But Jesus is right beside you,

Rocking you to sleep.

Cradling you to quietness

As a Father would,

He wants nothing to harm you,

Working things for your good.

You may cry into a pillow,

But your soul, He will keep.

His voice is a lullaby,

Weepy eyes find a little sleep.

You may even wail, to no avail,

Jesus hears your keening.

Loving you like a mother,

Holding close, the child she is weaning.

Your tears may flow and flood,

Into God’s bottle, they will go.

And then there is joy in the morning,

I just wanted you to know.

Rebecca Jones



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