The Breath of Heaven


I get so much more done than I thought, more than before, even if I’m letting go of things and my house is not spotless. I’m more focused on Jesus and more relaxed, I sleep better with that weight off my chest. I am working on that rest of faith from Hebrews and I’m not allowing my mind and body or soul to be overtaxed. It is a blessing to be so much more at peace and relaxed.

That inner calm is not new age, it is created by God when you truly rest in His Son, and rely on His finished work at the cross. He is not still there. He is in heaven watching over His Word to perform it. He wants us to be saved, but He is salvation itself, and He paid for so much more than keeping us from hell.

Don’t ever be afraid to let Him into your daily life and decisions. You are His, you belong to Him and He cares deeply for you, nothing separates you from His love. The burden He carried was for you, so roll them over onto Him now. You are His pride and joy as a believer, He suffered for us to be healthy, whole and to be joyful in Him, sharing His love.

Jesus was crushed under the weight of crucifixion, it is suffocating. So is fear, anxiety, panic, illness, mental oppression, worry and every other arrow that comes at us. But He is our shield of faith.

It’s time to rest in Jesus, let Him direct us, throw open the windows of heaven and bless us.  It’s time to live again. To the fullest, His abundant life. It’s time to breathe again, to breathe in the breath of heaven Himself, Jesus.

God breathed into Adam, he became a living soul. Jesus breathed on His disciples. Let them breathe on us so we can truly breathe, the Holy Spirit, the wind, the breath, the pneuma. His precious Holy Spirit, a breath of  pure Heaven. Rebecca Jones


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