A Breath of Heaven


When I awoke yesterday morning, it was early and I dozed off again, Around 8′ o clock, I could see my blinds look as they were full of holes, I could hear myself rebuking the enemy and turned over. I let go of my pillow and had my arms outstretched this way to the most beautiful sunlight.

It filtered through the curtains and blinds and warmed me over with the morning sun and the love of Jesus waking me to a crisp, warm, spring day. It melted the deep sleep from  from tired blue eyes and put me into pure and holy worship. I  was able to get up an take care of a few things, and post a blog to link up, send a word of knowledge to a friend, write out prayers and blessings to send out.

I started yet another novel, I’ve never finished one yet. But nothing is impossible with God. I know poetry is seriously my forte’. But I’ve always wanted to write one. The most important work I’ll ever do is to share Jesus and His love, and anyway I can do that will be fine.

I’d like to pray this for you, if you are a Spirit filled believer, you may have experienced this, and if your are not, Jesus loves you, He’s waiting to wake you, literally, and spiritually, come away with the beloved Son of God and seek His face today.

Father, in Jesus name, I pray for precious souls, may they sleep in perfect peace with their minds stayed on you, open the windows of heaven for them, pour out your love and your amazing grace. Wake them to the loving light of your beloved Son, heal them, renew and restore them, set them apart in and for your glory. Rebecca Jones

Russian model Enya Bakunova, photographed by Jaime Nelson


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