The Balancing Act


Look at this dress! What a great illustration for my title. I never did gymnastics, I could barely tumble as a child. But as a Christian, I find myself more and more walking a fine line in what to tell people and what I say and what not to.

If you share too much truth, even with believers. You may get a cold shoulder or the boot. Mark 11:23 has been a source of people’s ridicule if I say too much, people are critical and if I don’t say enough I’m left feeling as though I didn’t do as God asked.

I have warned people about demonic influence to no avail. I hate letting people see for themselves. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and most people speak death, I pray for greater wisdom and understanding and as a friend of mine says to say only what God wants me to and for angels to hold my tongue down if I’m even tempted to have a slip.

Also, the balance is for women to be rested, alert. The challenge is to stay faith filled and not drained or zapped out, which is what I have been feeling. Refresh yourself by praying in the Spirit. Relax, trust Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide you. I used to over study, overwork, over stress and that’s not God.

He is the God of peace and only He can give us true rest and peace. Don’t go through life like you’re walking a tightrope over a waterfall. Just be you and let Jesus be Jesus. Study, work, rest. Rest in Him, He is the answer to every prayer. Don’t worry too much about what people think, it only matters what He thinks and He loves us if we are believers, we are His children. Rebecca Jones



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