Expressing Love


I thought I’d write a post while I had a moment to think about it. I will go back and watch the You’re Already Amazing video.  Galatians 5:6, “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”

I never really thought about a life statement. To be honest, my life plans didn’t go as I expected or I guess I wasn’t following God’s ideal plan as closely as I thought. Time dragged on and I still wasn’t on track. In fact, I was almost lost in many ways. Not that you are not born again, but you lose pieces of yourself along the way, pieces of your soul, which I do believe is made up the mind, will and emotions. We are spirits, created in the image of God, and have a body and soul.

We are affected by our thoughts, words and choices. We can be under spiritual attacks. We can also be deceived by our own selves if we don’t listen to the Holy Spirit. But we all have to grow in His grace and God really is forgiving and loving. He doesn’t make mistakes, we do. He knows best for us and we don’t.

A lot of people do follow in their parents footsteps about careers, and that’s fine. It is good to have sound Christian advice. So, if LIFE is, Love Is Faith Expressed. I would have to say that this would be mine….

I was created and called to write and share the love of Jesus with people everywhere I can, especially women. Though I tried to that on many occasions I attempted that, it seemed that I was not succeeding. For a long time, I debated giving up that dream. I did not have a college degree, wasn’t a great typist and while I worked with children, I did not pursue and Early Education Degree in that either. I still wanted to be a writer.

And then there’s Jesus, I know it was His dream also for me to write, although I once asked Him to heal me and I’d forget it. Wasn’t that stupid? We must not be snared by that little fowler. Of course, He wanted to do both for me and He did. He wants us to have it all, as long as it doesn’t have us. But He has a better plan, a better promise, and He keeps them. Isaiah 53 is a complete account of His sacrifice and it covers a lot.  So, I’ve taught  children, Sunday School to little old ladies, one of them gave me my first book about angels, God bless her, and I taught Bible study. I may only have the equivalent of a few Bible college courses, but I have a lot of experience in faith, hope and love.

So, I was called and created to write and I do. I would tell women everywhere that if you know Jesus loves you, you can count on the fact that you’ve barely scratched the surface of that love. Icebergs are amazing sights but most of it is underwater, look at all those shows about lost treasure. Imagine the gold coins at the bottom of the sea. There is likely even more oil in America.

We may be diamond girls or ruby wives, but we have flaws. But God looks at us through the pierced hand of His beloved Son, who holds us in His palm and turns our tear stained faces to God, and angels wing their way in with tear bottles and prayers that are continually before the Lord, they are sweet smelling. God is pleased with us and He answers those prayers, so don’t let go of your faith or dream.

We look good to God because of the sacrifice of His Son and we are being polished in the hand of Jesus who is altogether lovely, so much so, that He can make all of us so. that is deep love, love that pierces our hearts as surely and deeply as His hands and feet and side were. That’s love. That’s life, love that is faith expressed. And while I have felt and actually been left out at times, so was Jesus, He had to withdraw to pray and be set apart. He understands feeling overwhelmed. I can do it all only for Him and in Him.

Rebecca Jones


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