Manna From Heaven / The Living Word


In John 6:35, Jesus speaks of Himself as bread. He is living bread, His body is represented by bread at Communion. He was born in Bethlehem, which means house of bread. He said for us to pray for our daily bread in the Lord’s Prayer. There are deep studies on this including offerings.

But I was focusing on the manna provided in the wilderness and how it pertained to the Lord’s Prayer. We are to ask for daily bread and the bread provided to the children of Israel would spoil if they gathered for more than one day, Jesus is a Master storyteller. He weaves many layers of Himself into the fabric of His parable.

Maybe, I should say, He kneads it in. He makes sure it is unleavened, filtering out the false teaching. Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, falls on us each day, like the proverbial manna from heaven. Jesus went on to say that we should not worry about tomorrow, what we will eat or wear. He wants us to ask the Father for enough  of Him not just get through the day but to overcome it like a conqueror. He wants us to be of good cheer and overcome as He did.

The Israelites gathered enough for each person, no one had either too much or not enough. There is enough of Jesus to go around and you can never have too much of Him. The manna melted as the son got hot. Jesus was crucified at mid day. When the manna was left over, it had worms and smelled, Jesus would give His life and take on death, it was unacceptable to  gather more then, but the parallel is to His death and resurrection.

They could gather two days for the Sabbath, and it did not spoil. God gave enough for the Sabbath rest. It is the rest, He desired for the children of Israel, yet they wandered and went to war and into captivity and eventually rejected the Mashiach, the Messiah. Jesus. They failed to enter the rest of faith, as we are warned about in the first chapters of Hebrews.

God finished His work and sat down and rested. He was watching over it. Jesus did the same, He finished His work and rested. While others could not rest with God as King, we should be at a continual Sabbath rest with Jesus as our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He made us to sit with Him in heavenly places and while we work, it was not meant to be the laborious tilling of Adam, but the grace of Jesus. We must labor to enter His rest. We are trust in His finished work, because salvation is not earned but is a gift. We do not get it by good works.

He told us to come unto Him all who labor and that He would give us rest. Only He could gives us this rest, from being heavy laden. He carried the cross and we are to give Him our burdens and cares. Jesus is the bread of heaven, the manna, the sweet flavor of love, itself, as sweet as honey, taste and see that He is good.

Jesus, our bread from heaven, the small sweet seed from the Holy Spirit to Mary’s womb, the body pierced and beaten, seared as an offering, the matzah bread resembles Him, even the small round white Communion wafer. Yes, Jesus is the sweetest name I know.

Rebecca Jones



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