Watch My Mouth


Father, in Jesus name, I set a watch over my mouth and ask you to do the same knowing I can’t really tame my tongue. It is an unruly member. I don’t want a bridle or a bit to control me like a horse, but I do not want to spew good and evil, either. It should not be so. Abba, let my tongue be the pen of a ready writer,quick with prayer, passionate with praise, a flowing stream of living water to put out the fiery darts of the adversary.

Let me meet kindness with kindness and the unkind words, I refuse to speak or swallow. I don’t have to argue nor defend my faith, you are my Advocate. Let me speak the fruit of my lips with the fruit of the Spirit, gracious to all even the undeserving. Let me speak of love, joy and peace. Let me speak into the needful ears of those who will listen. If my words fall upon deaf ears, may they open to your call.

Let me sing your praise, remember every lyric, recall every note. Let me overflow in love and grace and the bounty of abundant life you so desired for me. I can’t live my life without you, and you didn’t want me miss eternity with you, so you gave up everything for me, took it upon yourself to bless me , that is so amazing and so precious, I stand in awe of you, Jesus!

Let me speak wisdom and be a woman of grace, let your grace ant truth and peace abound in me. There is a miracle in my mouth, if I choose to speak His words, His name is Jesus and I’m so glad He loves me. Rebecca Jones


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