Crowned With Lovingkindness


What does it mean to be crowned with loving kindness and tender mercies?  I read the Bible, but the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues, has made a difference. I read it with more clarity than ever before. No one may ever understand the whole mind of God, but the Holy Spirit does and He caused the Word to come alive to me.

God is a spirit, He created us in their image. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We are spirits, with a soul and a body. A soul is made up of  your mind, will, and emotions. He gave us free will. We have a choice. Love is a choice. God is a choice.

The enemy comes with thoughts of worry and fear, he will terrify our hearts and minds, if we allow him to. The Bible calls him the father of lies, he tells our minds lots of them. As believers, we cast them down. We should not speak those words, for they exalt themselves above God and make us unfruitful as believers. That’s why we depend on the Holy Spirit to give us God’s wisdom and discernment. The Holy Spirit is a gift we receive at the moment of salvation. It is a good idea to follow love and desire the spiritual gifts early as a believer. having waited until I was an adult, it was harder to discern teaching and uproot old ideas and values that are of little or value, or are not even Biblical.

Of course, Jesus was the one who appeared bodily. The enemy will attempt to attack, our bodies with sickness and disease. Years of back pain and suffering needlessly with ridiculous fears being thrown at me make me glad to have that crown.  I know He died for my healing.

Everyday, every morning, He gives us so many gifts. He is there for us in every way. The Holy Spirit will help you to see how God sees us in Jesus. He helps you navigate the strange spiritual world. We wear a robe of righteousness as believers, and wear many crowns.  Jesus loves us so much, He paid a high price for us. He wore the crown of thorns. We wear His peace. He crowns us with loving kindness. Rebecca Jones

He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies. Psalm 103:4


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