A Lonely Place of My Own


Back in October I wrote about how Jesus had to seek out the lonely places to pray. He was as Isaiah 53 tells us, a man of,grief acquainted with sorrow, and yet He went on to pay for our salvation with His life and blood. He knew what He came for, what He was expected to do. His divinity desired it, His humanity was tested on all sides by the tempter and accuser. Jesus never argued with the devil. He never had to prove Himself to anyone. He obeyed His Father even unto death, so that we would not be separated from Him for all eternity if we believe.

He didn’t take the proverbial ” bait of satan “. He answered with the Word. In fact, He was the Word made flesh. While we may know the Word of God and try to live it, many of us fall into condemnation from the accuser when Jesus  tells us in Roman 8:1 that we are no longer condemned. He really took our place. We are not under the law but grace. Be assured, the devil is familiar withe the Bible, he often attempts to twist it, take it out of context, dumb it down or magnify something minor and minimize what is importance. Jesus didn’t have to jump off a cliff or magic trick a rock into bread. Neither, do we. His strength and power was in His quiet manner. But He was assertive. And He was love to keep quiet before His tormentors.

We must really on the Holy Spirit as our best teacher, learn to rightly divide the Word, and ask Him to give us discernment. God is not a respecter of persons and He will show you truths and reveals Jesus.  If this means finding a lonely place then do so. What did He mean by that, was He lonely for His Father’s love? Did He feel as though He was all alone? That no one understood Him? Or did He just need to be alone, free from distractions? Probably some of each.

So is a lonely place a prayer closet? Yes. A garden, a lake, a walking path or even a duck pond? Yes, yes, and more yeses, anywhere even the ladies room, if necessary to take a moment to clear your head, pray and seek His face, just to say I love you , I know you are here for me, I trust you. take a moment and find out where your lonely place is and go there, even if its just a thought of a beautiful summer day. You will feel better. And look for that special place, there will be a strong sens of the Holy Spirit’s presence, power and peace. May you find your lonely place to pray and Jesus will meet you there. Rebecca Jones


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