Walking With Jesus


What does it mean to walk with Jesus? To be in step in with the Spirit? It means that we are very familiar with the life of Jesus and the times He lived in and the people He dealt with and are able to relate that to our own lives and situations. What would Jesus do? That was a popular phrase a while back. It was on T shirts and mugs an pens. But did we really do it?

I have my mother to pray for me. But I have never actually had someone say, I know you’re having a hard day, I’ll pray for you. I hardly ever hear anyone even talk about Jesus, unless I start the conversation.

A lot of times, I get the questions of doctrine. People know I believe in healing and a lot of people still don’t think that things are caused by the enemy unless the Lord allows it. He doesn’t want to, believe me! That’s why He sent Jesus! It’s why I’m writing this.

It is so hard for people to see that kind of love in action, because most people never experience it, or have never experienced it for themselves. They give up. They fall into doubt and unbelieving. The Lord understands doubts, as a human being, He experienced them in the Garden of Gethsemane. He was agonizing over His decision to go to the cross, the devil was already tormenting and taunting Him. He did not give in. He gave His life for us! But to be unbelieving gives you an evil heart, so as a believer, don’t become unbelieving.

He was tempted and tried in all ways, but never gave in to the devil’s taunts. He didn’t have to rail on him. He cast him down and out with the Word. He destroyed the destroyer on the cross, and gives believers the authority to do the same.

Most of us will either see the devil behind every rock or not at all. We must realize that God gave people free wills. And while I choose love, joy and peace, and I spend time sowing those words of life into my spirit, there will be those that won’t. There are people who will choose evil.

We do have to run our race with our eyes focused on Him, but we also have to labor for the rest of faith. We have to slow down, rest our minds and bodies, not run a frenzied rat race life. It seems almost at odds, run, rest. Have child like faith, grow up in Him. We have to rest to run or walk as the case may be. Jesus never seemed to be in a hurry, He walked everywhere unless He went by boat. He didn’t run from crowds or even people wanting to stone Him, He simply slipped through the crowd. That says a lot about trusting your Father. It speaks volumes of peace. So let’s strive to walk that way, He was about to carry a cross, yet carried such great peace. The Holy Spirit was on Him, and lives in us.

We are supposed to taste and see that the Lord is good, but most of us stop at a sip of living water. We are only half full, so we’re half empty. We are drained or overflowing. Don’t we realized God meets us at our level.

If you want a spoonful of Jesus, or a plateful, or the whole feast, it’s available. If you walk with Him on a weekly basis for an hour or two, you can, but you are missing out. If you walk with Him daily, you are doing much better. If you trust Him completely, pray without ceasing and seek Him in every decision, give Him first place in your life, if you get up with Jesus first and He’s your last thought of the day. If you wake to pray in the night or praise Him, you’ve got it right.

You are walking with Jesus, experiencing the unfathomable depths of His love, if your not there yet, take heart. He loves us so very much, no matter how we try to love Him, He will always love us more, and that is worth eternal praise. Rebecca  Jones



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