Be Fruitful


Matthew 17:7 says that we will know a tree by the fruit it bears. Simple enough, apple trees bear apples and fig trees, figs and olive trees, olives and all sorts of fruits from various trees. But fruit is your life and the people you touch and encourage or harm or discourage as the case may be,

Children are your fruit. The proverbial bad apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Jesus said it more or less. I have been told not to judge and to be tolerant and I am. There is a big difference when people want to be a Christian and may still struggle with things and people who are willful sinners. If it makes you angry, you will take it up with Jesus, He said it.

Tears do not make you repentant, changing does. I’ve seen lot of pouty faces in children and adults and some that could turn the water works on  to get their way and be back at their addictions, or time out chair, as the case may be the very next day, still declaring they’ve done nothing wrong.  The accuser of the brethren, the devil, uses this tactic, accusing you of what he does.

That’s why you see second and third generations of people with the same problems. Non believers will fall to generational curses. As a Christian, Jesus wipes out that as you repent. You do not have a spirit of bondage. Things do not have to run in families, even though the devil will go from person to person seeking someone to devour. He really can’t devour you, so don’t let him in.

You don’t have to do what your relatives did. If they drank, you don’t have to. A glass of wine or champagne on occasion will not destroy your relationship with God but most people can’t handle it. I was telling my mother about a friend who was asked for a ride on the way to work, by a hooker. He said, no. He was married with three children. He did the right thing like Joseph. Even innocent things can lead you to temptation.  And sins are like potato chips, you can’t stop at one.

Be fruitful, multiply, but be married first. Bless people with encouraging words and prayer. Write notes or send e-mails, with a verse. Let the love of Jesus shine through the branches of your tree, be rooted deeply, in good ground and planted by still waters. Let the living waters of the Holy Spirit refresh you and make you strong and healthy, vibrant and alive.

And your light won’t be under a bushel, but bushels will be filled with a harvest of fruitfulness and  and a harvest of souls. One bad apple can spoil the lot. Let’s be good apples. Rebecca Jones


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