Finding My Voice


The Lord recently dealt with me about finding my voice. I didn’t even know it was lost!!! Maybe, as a beloved daughter of the King, you are facing a similar problem.  The enemy has continually tried to get me to give up writing, when I did, thinking it would never go anywhere or benefit anyone, I was losing my soul. Not literally, because, I was a Christian, but I was losing a piece of me, a big piece of me.

I wasn’t shining. My light was under the bushel. Instead of continuing to pursue my passion and watching the Lord light the candle of my soul with the flame of His Holy Spirit, I was a birthday cake being blown out year after year, with only a flicker that missed by the horrid breath of the enemies deceit and lies.

Mockery, mistreatment and rejection are cruel playmates. I had been rejected by agents, greeting card companies, even someone who knew someone to get into screenwriting. But above all that was the pain and rejection of my family. I’m not sure anyone cared or believed in me, but Jesus did.

My writing is my voice, and it is a strong and healthy, wise and feminine, one. It is one that’s no longer afraid to declare God’s Word over my life and others and to speak against injustices to women, inflicted on them by the wicked one, when they were meant to with be seated with Him. And at rest, in heavenly places.

It is not a harsh one, it is committed to following love, and it will no longer grieve or be grieved. Keeping my focus on Him, I know the joy of the Lord is my strength and I am more determined than ever to silence the enemies of my soul and sing praises to the Lord.

I truly was lost and wandering, searching for something I did not know I had lost. I recently read that it was not about talent but tenacity. Maybe, but I know God perfects what concerns me, and also protects it. He kept my wring ability safe, enhanced it. He gave me the wisdom and grace to pour it into a blog.

Don’t give up on  Him, He hasn’t given up on you. Rebecca Jones



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