His Plans

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Remaining in love is a struggle for some people. I suppose it can be a struggle for Christians. It shouldn’t be. No one loves you more, could have or would have done more for you. He is always there, caring, compassionate, loving. He is merciful, faithful and kind. Jesus is not going be argumentative and complaining. He never stops loving you, even if you turn from Him.

Jesus won’t slam the doors and stomp away. He does step aside and withdraw His Spirit at times. Though the Holy Spirit does not leave. If you are born again, you have the Holy Spirit as a companion, Comforter and guide. Many people worry about losing the Holy Spirit. He resides in you, and Jesus said He will never leave you of forsake you,

In my twenties, I would be on my knees concerned that I would lose Him. The fact that you are concerned shows you haven’t. It’s another deception of the enemy and you should pray and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He’s there He loves you.

Who wouldn’t want to be a beloved bride of Christ?  His plans are the best plans. Rebecca Jones


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