God’s Gracious Girl


Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the LORD is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him. Isaiah 30:18

What does it mean to be gracious? I like the Cambridge English Dictionary’s definition,  behaving in a pleasant, polite, calm way. I’m not sure that’s the way we think about God, are you?

I  always knew what the Bible said but never had the understanding or wisdom that I’ve more recently acquired by letting the Holy Spirit teach me. God exists outside of time and He has been patient, waiting for the right time to send Jesus, for people to repent, giving mankind every chance.

I never thought much about Him as a Father, our earthly relationships with our fathers cloud that. I mean, they come home from work, are they always pleasant, polite and calm? So many people have grown up without fathers or good role models. It’s just much easier to believe He’s sitting up there with lightning bolts ready to whiz off an ear if you don’t listen, but that’s not God. He loved Jesus more than anyone and gave Him up for us!

I try to be pleasant and cheerful. You have to guard that part of your heart like your joy, people will take it. They can drain you, zap the life and joy right out of your day. Don’t let them, Jesus died for you to have life, joy and peace. If the Constitution gives you certain inalienable rights, shouldn’t a better covenant with Jesus do even more?

I try to be polite, though lately, I’ve hung up on a few telemarketers, and had to make myself louder in order be heard at times. I don’t like it, it’s not me. But if you have to, you have to. Being sweet doesn’t work on some people. They just have to know mean business. But most of the time, I’m sweet but nobody’s sweeter than Jesus.

I’m working on calm. Hey, if He calms the sea and waves stirred by a demonic wind. He can calm me. I used to hear prayers begin, Our gracious, kind and loving Heavenly Father, did we really understand that or is it a vain repetition?

He’s been more than patient with me, I know I hurt Him deeply by not accepting certain truths that I knew, waiting for answers that a single prayer had covered. I really could not imagine that kind of love. He’s been more than generous, He spared my life on several occasions, when the enemy thought I was defeated. He is more than just, reversing unjust situations for me. More than calm, His words calm me. He is my peace.

I know God is gracious, I long to be God’s gracious girl.  Rebecca Jones






4 thoughts on “God’s Gracious Girl

  1. Me too Rebecca! I love that passage in Isaiah 30. Admittedly, there seem to be certain situations that send me over the edge from gracious to growling more often than I like! But I think the answer lies in coming to Him… bringing Him every root of bitter thought and letting him model graciousness to us so we can begin practicing with ourselves and others. Praying with you friend! Happy to be your neighbor at Holley’s today! ♥


  2. I long to be God’s ‘gracious girl’, too! Love your thoughts on graciousness – thanks! I’m visiting from Holley’s.


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